Day 5

Another soft toy to add to the collection! Once again, it was made from scraps (am still glad I saved those scraps) and stuffed from an old pillow.
Next I think is a dolphin, then a horse, then a lamb.......when will this end?!
Well, I think it will slow down as school is back in tomorrow and I will be spending more time on that and not so much sewing. I am getting quicker though, as this giraffe only took me 1.5hrs. It is still fiddly, especially the head!
E6 likes it and I guess that is all that matters.


That giraffe looks really

That giraffe looks really funky.
I love the idea of a creativity month, its great to see your resourcefulness Judes.
lucky kids and hubby

Thanks! Hopefully the girls

Hopefully the girls will let me save a few toys to gift to other people also.

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