Day 29

Finally!!! It is done!!! It deserves exclamation marks!

A couple of small problems though. The sleeves are on the wrong sides, and the pockets are too low, and unless I unpick it all and start from scratch (which I am NOT going to do) it will have to remain that way. That is also another reason why I won't be entering it into the local show.

Maybe I will get time to whip up something else in the mean time, but if I do not get time, I am not too worried. I am helping the kids get their entries ready for the show and it is more for them then it is me.

This coat was a learning experience. It has taught me some patience, perseverance, and unpicking (I got the sleeve hems right 3rd time round).

I think I will make it again, but not for a while, and then I will seek out a better way to do the collar.


i think you should

i think you should definitely put it in the show - its awesome - well done

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