When Isn't It Busy?

When I am asleep and then even my dreams are busy!

Last night I had my art class, and I found it hard to concentrate, to draw what I wanted on my main pic, though for some reason I was able to do it on a seperate peice of paper (with detail) so that was no real help to my main pic. I think I will start afresh and on different paper. I am not liking how things are going in the new drawing pad, fortunately it only has 20 pages. I can use it for my roughs. As always, Thursday is a rush day, when things get done that wouldn't get done other days of the week. Thursday I braved the pregnant or lactating women of the supermarket to do our weekly shop, forgot a few things, and wrangled kids.

Basketball was just as busy, running around after a ball crazy baby who wanted to join in the class with her two elder sisters. How come I was the only mother there who had kids that were not content to sit down at their mother's side? I don't mind. I was also the only one playing with the kids and running after them. One little girl said that her mother was 'too over protective' so she couldn't play outside (in full view of the seats).

Work - That is heaps and mountains as high as the laundry (which I haven't done for a couple of days and Jade also cleaned up her part of her room!). This eCourse takes it's time and in order to get it done and give the kids the attention they need and deserve, I do it at nights and when they are all happily working/playing/etc. I still enjoy it though, and hope to be on top of it and ahead by next term. I know I will have to change some of the format for next term because there is only so much you can write for hygiene and safety without sounding like a scratched record (if you know what one of those is)!

Pets - I am getting a pair of blue tongue skinks! They are just babies but I am hoping to pick them up in a week's time. The best part of this is that they are easy to look after and we will gift them to Jadeen for her 7th birthday. Since her birthday is the day after Christmas, it is hard to seperate it (for her) so we always try to do something special a few months after the day. This year she will have a small party with friends and get some pets whom I will end up looking after but will hopefully teach her some responsibility (since they will be housed in the school room and in constant view).

Sleep - I think I need earlier nights!

Weekend - For us it will be a full on one again. Sunday school on Sunday and a pet fair on Saturday. Fortunately I have the luck to be accompanied by a friend, so that will make things more pleasant and easy to handle (with 4 kids). The best part is that the pet fair is free entry, just right for my wallet!

Hopes For The Future? - To get enough rest, work on my art, have the kids being nice to each other all the time(!), and to increase my reptile population naturally!

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