Taking a Break

Taking a break from the speedway that is my life. Occasionally it is full on with no breaks and then in the off season it collects dust. I wonder when the off season will begin?
This Friday my in-laws arrive and from then on it is non-stop, not that life isn't non-stop at the moment anyhow.
Friday - In-laws and hubby arrive home
Sat - Bomber excursion and aromatherapy party
Sun - birthday party for Miranda
Mon - actual birthday
Tues - city for the day, if it is fine
Wed - nothing yet but who knows
Thurs - nursery excursion

In amongst all of that there is the prepping for each day and other miscellaneous things like grocery shopping, sleep, and housework.
I am glad that they came during the school holidays, though I would have liked to have had some school holidays this time around.

Lots has happened, lots of good and little of bad but I never think about writing them down here. Even my drawing this month has suffered since I haven't even taken the time to really sit down and draw and if I have found the time I have lacked the patience.

By the way : Did you see the final of survivor? I didn't and then I only saw the odd few episodes during this last season of the show, due to the awful night that it was on (the only one i am out on during the week).

Well back to the grind stone and lamington making.

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