My Day So Far...

Tantrums and fights.
The culprits - Erin & Mercedes

I think Merc woke up on the wrong side of the bed today as she has been throwing lots of wobblies and asking for food from the fridge but when we get there all she wants to do is play with the pumpkin! I had enough of her last tantrum at not getting what she wanted and her screaming like a banchee, so I put her in her cot with a bottle and left her to calm down on her own. All is silent. If she is asleep I think I may go down myself.

Why am I tired?

I was up till 11.30pm last night trying to see what I could do about the 3.5hr delay of my sisters flight. She was due in at 10pm. She got in at 1.30am. So, I had 1 hrs sleep before I went and picked her up, got home 2 hrs later, dealt with a baby who had woken up while I wasn't there and daddy hadn't woken up to tend to her. Add an extra half hour onto that and then I got a blissful 3-3.5hrs sleep before waking up to take hubby to the train so I could use the car today.

The day so far has been filled with the two younger ones getting on my and their nerves. We have swimming lessons this arvo...ugh...and baby hasn't gone to sleep but has calmed down some. I think I will get her out for half hour, try to have an hour nap before I must get up, head to the bank, then to swimming lessons and finally home. Ugh...I need sleep!

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