Here, I think!

I had part of my big toe nail removed right to the bone today. That was pretty good and interesting to watch it happen.
When I got home I took some prescribed pain relief and the effects are good (relieving pain that is), though my head feels rather dizzy, I am tired and wouldn't even risk putting a chook in the oven because things would probably move on me.
Hubby came home from work early (last day at this contract for a few months) and that has helped. He is looking after kids and doing dinner now while we wait for the girls friend to arrive for the sleep over.
Wow I feel strange, and can't wait to look at the pictures I drew (during tablet inflicted weirdness) when I have a clear head.
I think they turned out all right, but i won't scan them in until I have a clear head and know I won't fumble.
Lots of pics to come tomorrow, I think.

And a big sorry to those in the e-course as I have not yet posted or emailed the latest installment.

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