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Grub In The Mail Box
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Grub (Mercedes) loves her shoes and any other shoes that she can get her hands (and feet) onto. While shopping for a pair of shoes for Erin the other day Mercedes was not content until she received her own pair (even though they were only a cheap pair). After that she was pretty happy for the remainder of the shopping trip. This girl loves shoes so much that she is wearing a pair of jiffy shoes at the moment and insists on putting on the pair of shoes that catches her fancy. She likes to wear jewellery also and have her hair done. I finally got a real little girl!!! Well, one that likes girly stuff from an early age and not one who would rather have short hair then have to put it up and brush it.

The other morning at an incredibly early time, I spotted a pair of black cockatoos flying past. These animals are on the endangered list and I have not seen any in the area for a few years. This made my morning.

Street Walking
2nd last job before I am free, I hope. I sorta offered my help for 1 more day after my official quit date in case they had trouble finding someone. I really do not like this job, the pay is guppy like small and the work is feeling like is elephant in size. I think it feels this big because I am still having to pick up the catalogues (a 40minute round trip in the car with all 4 kids in tow, worked around my hubby's clients and when the papers are available) and I can only fold after grub is asleep and can only deliver (quickly and less stressfully) before they wake up in the morning. So 4 nights a week (if I can't get them done on the first night i collect them) I am up late and the following 4 mornings I am up with the sun (which is way too early for my liking)

On a final positive note.
Grub is being extra cute by wearing a rabbit (from winnie the pooh) hat. It is complete with a nose and set of ears on the hat.
Oh, and I also get to sleep in on Thursday! Yippee!

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