Changes are in the air:

  • Grub has learnt to take off her nappy and today we have spent a good part putting it back on or a new one on
  • Grub looks like she is toilet training herself as she quite regularly goes toilet before a bath/shower and has also gone a few times today when I found her naked
  • Hubby found a 3 month contract. Yippee! First decent bit of work in almost 6 months
  • Jade has stopped listening to me but she still likes her alone time with mum
  • Today and tomorrow are my last days on the paper round. I didn't get much done today as it was slow going this morning and I ended up with two tag-alongs (Jade and Mercedes both woke up extra early today - sunrise)
  • Only 4 weeks till I launch (or hope to launch) my Cooking e-Course.
  • Rapid weather changes due to still frequent storms (not as often as they had been)
  • I own a mp3 player, though it isn't the one I want but it is good enough for me for the moment.
  • I have done some major clean ups, even though they aren't really noticeable
  • I made 4 Christmas stockings - 1 aussie theme, 1 green with gold embroidered trim, 1 purple with gold trim, 1 pink with gold trim. I am also attempting to make a knee length gypsy skirt (I am currently unpicking everything I just sewed up on it!)

Probably lots of other things also but right now I need to focus on feeding the elder two before they head out to a concert tonight with their dad and how to deliver the bucketload of papers I have left to deliver before tomorrow night.

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