To Blog Or Not To Blog?

I guess I chose to blog because here I am writing a post. I have been slack, in blogging. I just don't seem to find the words to write here yet I see heaps of things throughout the day which I could write about.


  • The tantrum Erin threw when it came time to leave and take the cleaner to the train station
  • The tantrum she threw (continued of from before) when getting into the car.
  • How we had a little talk and things seem to be better now
  • The circus we saw on Sunday and how hubby organised a playdate with some of the kids there
  • How the eCourse is going. A struggle at times and easy at other times.
  • I am getting Blue Tongues
  • How I rang up heaps of pet stores to find a light and the cheapest way to get the light I wanted was by ordering it interstate and paying postage
  • We do swimming lessons each monday and I am usually the only parent who stays in the pool with the kids (those not doing the lessons). Though some parents are starting to trickle down to the toddler pool
  • Jadeen has a birthday party coming up (3 months after the actual day)
  • The kids are getting better at their basketball skills and a friend gave us their unused basketball hoop and backboard
  • I am having trouble finding adequate time to do my art homework, undisturbed
  • How the bills pile up when you don't collect your mail for a week
  • How I wish I could take the day off everything and just have time for myself, or better yet, get to sleep in!
  • How my life has fallen into a mostly predictable routine (school mon-fri, swimming mon, girls brigade and cleaner and library tues, hubby squash wed, basketball and art class thursday, friday I only have school...woohoo)
  • I just want to go and sleep because I am so tired yet the only time i can spend with hubby is after the kids are asleep and the guests have gone home and the work is all done!

Ugh, enough of the complaints and bad stuff

  • The girls are improving in their swimming lessons
  • They are getting stronger in basketball
  • They are making new friends
  • I do get to do a lot of things, which might include a nap while bubs naps...laundry can wait or get stuffed into drawers or hung up unfolded (Not that you fold clothes that need hanging, which is almost everything in our cupboard - no shelves)

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