About Time

I think it is about time I blogged on here. Life has been very busy lately and everytime i think of something to blog it is gone by the time i get a few spare minutes to myself, which are rare indeed. With school and extra curricular activities starting my days have filled up fast, plus on top of that I started a new (though small) business venture at the begining of this week. I am happy with the progress that has been made with it.
In order to give my kids quality time I have sought to do the majority of work for the business venture late at night after they are asleep, or when they are working on their own for school. This is not always possible as Jade still needs a lot of coaching and Erin and Mercedes do demand a lot of my time unless I give them some water to play in, then I get an hour free to concentrate on schoolwork.

The other night though, I took time off to watch 'Memoirs of a Geisha'. It was an alright movie though long and we started it late so that was a late night for me, followed by an early morning to drive hubby to the train station. The weekend is here now and I can catch up on housework as I have just completed the next installment of my lessons. Now I have time to do my art class homework, make Mercedes a pink kilt for her birthday and plan out what we are going to do for it, since hubby most likely won't be there for it. (He is a work-aholic or so it seems)
There is a lot more that I would like to write here but I am sick of the computer for now, I don't want to complain about hubby's work load and I don't want to bore anyone out there who is reading this.

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