"Workin' Hard"

Well, I am working hard. My list of things is never ending and I am not sure how I ever fitted in homeschooling on top of it. Tomorrow I have my sister arriving at 7am so she can babysit the kids while I head to art class. During art class I expect to have my sis-in-law and her hubby arrive, as well as the property manager to do the 3 monthly rental inspection. Once that is taken care of it will be great, relaxing and I possibly will get more then 5 minutes uninterrupted in which to draw, sew, paint, read, create, and get started in my new business.

Regarding the new business, I am not sure how it will take off. It could be a roaring success or a dismal failure. I am hoping it is a success and eventually I will be able to get some sponsorship for it. Once I have it up and running it will be easy to maintain and keep going.

Enough said for now, except for the fact that I hope to have it up and running in the next week. Time to go mop floors, set up the guest room, do the dishes, finish up my drawings for tomorrows art class, finish the last few pages of the fantasy novel I am reading, shower, etc etc.
Have a good night!

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