Street Walking

I gave my notice today, so that in 2 weeks time, just before Christmas I will finish my street walking. I will not be delivering junk mail anymore. Apart from being tired of the early mornings, late nights and sitting in a stinking hot garage folding (and summer has only just began), I am tired of sore feet and January is a full month of visitors, art classes (I booked into a series of 4 art lessons run by the local library) and getting back into school. I am finding it difficult to keep up with the house work and school work at the moment and we are only on half days. Plus I have taken on the extra added bit of helping out a friend. I offered to help her learn how to draft simple patterns (for sewing) and the use of my machine. Plus, I my time is worth more then what I am being paid.

I feel relaxed and happy with the decision and originally I only wanted to do it up until Christmas so that we could have that extra money for Christmas (still yet to be paid!!!). Can't wait to get paid as it should be a nice amount and then we get to go shopping, or to the movies and a special outing. Dunno yet. Maybe my zen neeon, dunno yet.

Time to deal with the rest of the day and organise some Christmas decoration production.

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