"Power Outs, Spam & Leaving"

Power Outs
Today we had a doozy. The power only to the power points went out. I checked the box and the safety switch had been tripped, so then it was a call to the hubby to let him know, shut down the business server, contact the real estate and then call the electrician. First, before the electrician arrived, we tried process of elimination to see if it was a specific thing that was tripping it. Nope. Also, when I flicked the safety switch back to on, it didn't flick off and nothing turned back on. Finally the electrician arrived and tested the safety switch. To put a long story short. It lived a short life, 10 months approximately. Everything now works also.

I hate it and they are loving my comments. Though I am not big on receiving comments I guess they don't serve their purpose. I did however get a break over Christmas day and New Years eve and day when I received no spam. I guess spammers must take breaks now and then!

My dad and step-mum left yesterday. It was great to have them visiting and the kids loved having a silly fun grandad around. He played at their level with them and even babysat for me when I had to run Jade around for her partially broken elbow. They are generous people and Dad even remembered the little things i liked (in chocolate and lolly types that is), he even remembered me as a kid and how similar Mercedes is (running around in circles, the smile, etc). He even gave her my nick name (from my toddler hood) of Herby. They are gone now and I can only hope that they have a safe trip home (over 1000kms).

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