No Room To Move!

Exhausted. That I am. This catalogue walking is not helping me. I knew I would be tired in the beginning, I knew it would be hard work but I am plain exhausted and I don't feel like I have room to move/rest at all. It is never ending. I feel like I am always either folding or walking or recovering. Maybe I am tired because I was trying to be a polite host last night and stay up until the guests went home (well I did give in first and went to bed around 11.30pm).

Yesterday I felt like I was in a sleep deprived haze and I was probably right. I am in one today as well, I think. I keep forgetting what day it is, but that could be because all the extra-curricular activities have finished for the year and I have had to reduce the girls to half a day schooling so I can stay on top of things.

My nights are spent folding and catnapping while trying to spend time with the hubby. My mornings are early, starting before 6am and getting home before anyone wakes up, though they are going to need to be earlier still as the kids are now waking before 8am.

I don't think I can last until Christmas in this catalogue job. It doesn't really pay enough. I can't do it through January anyhow as we have a heap of things going on, as well as myself trying to get a new business up and running. I never thought I would do it past Christmas.
I know why I am sitting here now, it is because I don't want to go sit in the summer hot garage and fold catalogues while the baby sleeps. This will be the only time I get to do it today (they are due out tomorrow) because we have a shared meal tonight and that always goes till about 10pm and that is when I plan to crash so I can get up with the birds and be home before the kids wake.

Ugh! I think I need to quit now before I get too far behind.

I have given up the idea of purchasing a creative zen micro for now because I won't have much use for it once I give up the delivery run. Ugh,
Enough complaining, and time to get to work.

To Do List

  • fold and put away laundry
  • tidy up
  • sweep and spot clean tiles
  • clean bathroom/toilet
  • fold 390 X 5 catalogues
  • supervise school work
  • mark and send off tests
  • brain storm for new business
  • debone/strip meat off a chicken to produce chicken meatballs
  • make a chocolate meringue pie
  • possibly find time to weed the garden
  • amuse kids
  • try to plan a 2006 calender
  • get up off my chair and find a pick-me-up that isn't coffee
  • catch up on sleep

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