Yesterdays rant is over. It was just a Monday I guess and the Monday got to me.

Todays delivery was easier. I did it different from normal and did the hilly/hard bits first with the flatter bits last. I still have some to do but it can wait till later when it is cooler.

Summer has finally hit us and the recommendation (from the weather reporters and health practioners) is to stay inside out of the heat of the day, which is from about 10am till 3pm.

The kids will earn their share of the money tonight by delivering tonight while looking at Christmas lights. It is a great encouragement and they are eager to do it. I don't mind as I now know how to work them and when to quit.

I am not allowing myself to do so much that I am then wrecked for the rest of the day. That just doesn't work because then everyone suffers.
Well, that is enough of a rant, time to go school the kids and catch up where I left off last night.

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