Mostly About Erin

Why mostly about Erin? Because there are a few things that still stick in my head about yesterday, that she did.

We were out birthday shopping for Mercedes upcoming 2nd birthday when I had the two little ones in the trolley. Erin wanted closer to the shelves so she pulled on the shelves to pull the trolley closer. The shelves didn't fall down but the trolley tipped on it's side with both of the kids in it. I thought that there had to be a broken bone at least, but there wasn't so much as a bruise on either of them, fortunately. Merc though had a huge fright and was crying and I couldn't calm her for a bit. And yes, Erin did get in trouble and an explanation of why mummy had asked her not to pull on the shelves. I hope she learnt her lesson.

Then this morning she was playing with Jade and Jade announced that Erin was her slave! Tomorrow my baby/toddler turns two! Though we are having the present giving on Friday when hubby can be here

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