Follow Up - What Type Of Snake Is This?

I have been informed that the snake in the picture is most likely a tiger snake! I just hope it has not found a home in our wall, though, the more I read the less I think it is actually making a home here and that it has just been chased out of it's natural habitat by development.
Tiger snakes (from what I read) prefer places with large bodies of water like swamps, creeks, ponds, etc. They eat frogs, mice and rats, which also would have been flushed out by the devlopment of the bush near our place. The bush also had it's own little ponds, slow flowing creeks etc.

These snakes, are one of the most venemous snakes in the world!!! I just hope it was hunting and not a female which was looking for a place to birth her young. These snakes average on 30 babies at a time and there have been cases of up to 110 babies being born!
Ok, this is all a bit scary, and since I saw it near the clothesline (which is currently full of clothes waiting to come in) I may just wear my heavy leather boots.

There is no way I want to get bitten by one of these snakes, nor have one of the kids bitten!

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