Day 1 Of Torture

Ok, I thought the girls would want to help with this, and one still does but the others have lost interest. I am only in it for the money (which isn't very much) and keep telling myself that I am getting paid to exercise. I am talking about the junk mail delivery run I started (we started, the kids and I).

My legs ache, my feet ache, I am hydrated but I have a headache. I tried delivering papers with the kids but it took almost 30 minutes to get two streets away!

I need the car to do this, in order to get through it. I don't quite know what to do. I know it will get easier and I was thrown in the deep end with no life ring and 4 lead weights! Though I have had company, I am half done on the delivery, I can quit when I want to, I did make (with help) a yummy christmas cake (2 in fact), it was a fine day, I will feel better with some rest, and dinner is sorta working out! I still don't know what I will do though!

Hubby doesn't want me to give up and wants 'the one which wants to continue' to do it with me. So she can develop some routine in her life.
Hubby has also asked a friend to pass on some details of a better paying group in my direction. Also, next week is to be a biggy. I thought 14 catalogues per house was big, but next week is supposed to be 25! Flying Carp Fish!!!

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