Busy Bee

What a busy bee we all are at this time of year.

Last night I remembered what it was like to need to scratch your face while your hands are covered in newspaper ink.

The kids and I (mostly me) have taken on a junk mail delivery route. In order not to get discouraged by the piddly pay, I think of it this way - I get paid to exercise!

Apart from this, we have schooling to do, and an e-course to finish up (the outline is half done) and I am currently doing some beaded projects.
Though, this last week we have been lucky (in a strange way) due to 3 of the girls being sick so we have had less then normal extracurricular activities to go to. Next week will be different though, but it is the final week for the year in most activities. I am not sure I would be able to do this delivery thing if we had all their activities on also, so I am not sure how we will manage next year yet.

Apart from this it has been raining heaps lately, which includes the side of our house being flooded (minimum 2 inches of water) and the rock wall turning into a series of small waterfalls.

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