Art Class

Today was the final of the 4 art classes that I signed up for. I can say that I learnt heaps from them and am glad that I decided to try them out.
Our art teacher (Mark Robinson) has decided to continue teaching classes on Thursday nights. This is great because now I can finally do something for me and at the same time improve on my drawing skills. Today we learnt a little on perspective, composition and aesthetic eye/design. When I get a little more sleep I shall be able to put these things into practice and hopefully produce some masterpieces, or at least something that will hang on my walls.

I know where I want to put them, on the feature wall in my office, school, work, computer area. I think a cork board the size of the recess would look good, especially if i had some neat looking pins to put the artwork up with. The kids could even have a section, and it would be a constant reminder of where i could improve, to keep practising, etc etc. I might look into that for a future idea. Possibly tonight, I might look at practising todays lesson, even if it is only rough.

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