Glasshouse 100 Recap

297861_10151051439007951_18465299_nThis weekend just gone was the Glasshouse 100 trail run. Once again I didn’t compete but I helped out in varying positions. I helped set-up, pull-down, top up drinks, chauffeur, take down times, converse with the media and perform minor first aid. I went in as a sports trainer/first aid person so I was forever watching the people, scanning the crowds and talking to people. I loved it all!

I didn’t run the course but I heard stories and 99.999% of people were happy with the event, the only concerns being some of the motor cycle riders purposely directing some runners off course.

On the first aid side of things, I was surprised with how well people fared after the longer events, with most just being worn out physically and emotionally, and a few even looking like they could go another round if asked. There was a few who tripped and skinned their elbows, but once the blood and dirt was cleared away they were small and superficial and required no dressings. There were others who came in looking pale and a little distressed, one was even crying and in pain due to an ITB issue. Most had support crew around and they were happy to take charge of their athlete.

After most of the day at base and seeing runner after runner come through (those I knew and those I didn’t) it was off home to deal with family then back out for the night shift and a visit to checkpoint 10. This is where I saw more injuries and more exhaustion. For the short amount of time I was there, I saw 2 people pulled off the course, unable to continue (120km in, approx.), many others flying in and back out again and the support of many people in what seemed like the middle of no where.

After another short stint at home (so much more comfy then the car) I bundled up the kids and headed back up to base and put them to work in helping clean up and organise a few things. I checked on a few people, hunted out my missing blanket and removed a bee sting from my daughter’s thumb (she was trying to catch bees!).

It was a great weekend, and an inspiring one, so much happened and you really had to be there to see it unfold.

If you participated, rest up and I look forward to seeing you at another Glasshouse event next year.

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