Why I Like Going To The Markets

The fruit and veg are really cheap and fresh compared to the supermarkets, and even the fruit shops.
I bought
- potatoes, washed, at $1 per kg
- peaches at $3 per kg
- nectarines at $3 per kg
- cherries at $10 per kg
- apples at $1.50 per kg
- asparagus at $1 per bunch

There was a lot more cheap stuff there but this was all that I came for (well some of it wasn't on my to buy list but was too cheap to pass up on)

There is variety, more then the shops and everyone is competing with the other person so prices are kept down low.

Plus there is more then just fruit and veg so there can be plenty of browsing happening, which makes it interesting for the kids too (but we steer clear of the take your money to bounce on the sun heated, too hot to touch, bouncy castles)

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