Vegie Pour Overs + My Day

Not too long ago I signed up for a site ( ), which is run by Kraft, after receiving an email inviting me to join, which was personally sent by a Kraft representative. I decided to check it out and thought I would give it a go. Upon signing up they promised to send out 4 pour over flavours to me. I received my flavours the other day. The flavours all look so yum!

We have only opened the cheese flavoured vegie pour over so far. I tested it on the kids. E6 loves it and will eat it with everything she can. The rest liked their initial taste test but then at dinner time tonight (we tried it on vegies) they gave it the thumbs down. So that gives it a rating of 1 out of 4. Hubby tried it also and liked it on his vegies but not on it's own. I liked it on my vegies also, but not in a huge amount as the taste was stronger then I imagined. I guess you could say that it is now a 3 out of 6.

Now onto my day. Two words describe it - eBay sales. I had to post off 4 sales today. I guess this is good except when you are trying to work out how to pack those speakers into a flimsy cardboard box without it breaking since you don't have any other boxes in the whole entire house that it fits into well enough. In the end there was a lot of tape! There was a lot of tape for the squash racket and toner kits also. Apart from this my day was pretty normal, well sortof.

I hope the kids sleep well tonight!

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