Bread Starters

The kids and I have been experimenting with making a sour dough bread starter.
M12 used white bread mix flour as her base for her starter and J9 is using rye flour for her base.
M12's bread starter, after the first day, started getting bubbly and 'separating' (apparently this is called hooch) after the first day. Today (day 5) we separated the bread starter into 2 separate containers and put them in the fridge. We are assuming that they were right as the mix /pet was dotted with bubbles throughout.
J9 started her pet/bread starter today. She has named it B.J. (stands for bread junior). We only did a half quantity for her though as I am not sure what I would quite do with so much bread starter! It would never end because you have to keep feeding them so they can grow, multiply and make many many loaves of bread.
This experiment has been soooooo simple and easy. It has lead to discussions (short ones though) about what is happening. It is ideal as it only takes a few minutes each day and there is always something interesting.

Mice though! They are a completely different matter!

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