The Table!

Here is the table that hubby made on Saturday arvo. I helped by holding my hands close to the drill and hammer, so that the wood wouldn't move out of place, and by giving him inspiration to keep his carpentry skills in working order. (I bought two eastern blue tongue skinks!) At the moment the skinks are in the tank to the right and the one on the left will be occupied by 2 of the dragons when the appropriate lights have come into the shop that I ordered them from.

I am keeping the skink tank decorations to the minimum at the moment because they are messy and will require cleaning out every few days (depends on how much they are fed really)

The skinks are going well, loving their banana, though they didn't like the dog food I gave them the other day. I may try a different brand for them, a good excuse to change the dog food my raz eats. The crickets love dog food though...and I should probably feed them today, so I will hop off this thing, making a egg laying bed, cut up some carrot and deal with the crickets.

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