Musings of an Amatuer Breeder

I have gone and done it now. We have an incubator sitting in the dining room with 2 tiny dragon eggs sitting in moist vermiculite.
I still have one gravid female who isn't showing any signs of being ready to lay.
I am nervous to say the least, and excited. I wish I knew if what I was doing was right. Everything I read says that it is right but I won't know if it is right until their hatch or don't hatch.
We obtained an old bar fridge (free), pulled the guts out of it and off it's back, then cleaned it up. Now it has had a set of lights put in the base, a probe thermostat and digital probe thermometer attached.
The temps seem to be keeping pretty stable with only a 2 degree difference between the max and min temps, so I guess it is working.
Well, only something like 80 days or so to wait until we find out if this thing worked or not.
And working out a way to keep the kids out, especially visiting ones!

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