The Happenings Of A Female Dragon

Is she or isn't she? That is the question. And pregnant be the wondering.

3 days ago (Tuesday) she was busy digging ditches and for a while it looked like she was trying to lay eggs. I left her alone until she decided to fill in the trenches. Once she was finished there I took a soft, large paintbrush to the trench area and searched through the sand. Not a thing did I find though. And she is still fat and lumpy, and now has decided not to partake of her favourite food, crickets. In no way does she look sick or act sick. Just maybe she is having a late in the year pregnancy. And it is quite possible since her tank is climate controlled and she doesn't have the natural weather to go by.

I still think she may be pregnant and I have a homemade incubator ready to go should she actually lay anything. If she does lay, then we will change our summer temp to autumn temp in the tank and get them ready for some quiet time before the next breeding season starts up again.
I should hopefully know something in the next few days!

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