Eggs - Once Again

Yet another post on dragon eggs.

65 days later and 3 eggs remain unhatched from the last lot of eggs.

These eggs are a bit of a concern because they are smaller then the rest (even those which are younger then them) and the fact that half of that clutch of eggs has already hatched.

After sourcing some advice ( I made the decision to pip (nick) the eggs. There was no off smell so if they are dead then they hadn't been dead long.

There was one egg, the tiniest in there, which had begun to dimple about 3 days ago. I do not even know if this egg had grown at all during the time, so I decided to cut it open and see what was in there. In there was an alive baby dragon! Somehow I doubt it will survive. It filled the egg and still has the yolk attached to it. The egg was tiny compared to the other two eggs in there and even the eggs in the incubator which do not hatch for another 3-4 weeks yet!

I had already counted these eggs out of the equation so if they do hatch and survive then that is a bonus!


The 3 remaining eggs did not survive. The babies were fully formed but retained quite a bit of the yolk.
I decided to open them up and not incubate them any longer due to the fact that they were starting to smell and mould had started to grow on the egg shell.

I have 5 due to hatch any day now and I did end up with 3 from the previous lot of eggs which I thought none were going to hatch from.

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