Eggs : Make sure that you get them all

I am writing this as a reminder for both myself and any newbies out there who are breeding reptiles which bury their eggs.
One of my central netteds layed her eggs almost a week ago and I thought I had got them all. I pulled 3 eggs out of the sand.
Well, today, after I was cleaning and rearranging a few things in her tank I discovered 1 egg left behind (there were no more then this as I did check). I thought I had given it a thorough going over the first time but this one must has slipped through.
Well, the egg was all dehydrated and collapsed and sitting in cold sand so I used it as a bit of education for the kids. It was a fertile egg and we saw that by the tiny embryo that was in there. This gives me hope for the remaining eggs which are in the incubator.
I think I will need to do some serious rethinking about how I set up the tank so that I can 'guide' her next site and be able to find all of the eggs in time.

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