An Egg-servation

Dragon eggs
We have a lot more then I ever expected to get with the possibility of more to come.
So far we have 11 eggs.
One thing I have observed with the eggs is that they seem to grow as the incubation progresses. I think this is normal.
The eggs are still white and looking good so I will leave them there for now and just watch how they go.
It makes sense that the eggs would grow in size after they are laid, especially since the size of the mother is only about 10cm(4inches) long. The eggs have a soft though tough shell. It is not at all like those of a chicken egg.
It has been almost a month now, almost half way through incubation time, for the first lot of eggs.
I would love to have all of the eggs hatch though I guess we will have to wait and see what comes out when they do hatch.

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