Day 14

This is what I did creatively today. I sealed, and sanded (put sand on) it. It is a little uninteresting as I had a lack of liquid nails with which to adhere bits together, and I think a lack of creative thought and planning at the time. At least it looks better then a cardboard box. Once it is dry completely and the smell has gone it shall make a home in the bearded dragons enclosure.

To join the polystyrene together I used liquid nails (great stuff that), then I used a heat gun to make the exterior a little tougher. After that is was a coat of black paint (only paint I had in a large enough quantity), followed by the sealing and sanding with watered down PVA glue (50:50 ratio) and leftover reptile sand/playground sand. It should be ready for insertion by the weekend, to replace the good looking one!

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