The Good With The Not So Good

The Not So Good
* Erin decided her room was too plain so she painted the walls.
* I had to scrub it off the walls as my first attempt at cleaning them just didn't work well enough
* I have a cold, first one in ages
* Mercedes decided to break (drop or throw I do not know) a glass half full with berry juice. I just discovered some berry juice on the ceiling!!! How do I clean that off since the ceilings are just too high, even standing on a chair I can't reach them
* It is hot and it is winter. You would think it is the start of summer!
* The cupboard in the little girls room fell over and made a dent in the wardrobe trim (glad it wasn't the wall)
* My pc's power box blew up the other night

The Good
* The kids are now quiet and contained and watching an 'educational' video
* I sold Mercedes cot on ebay for more then I was hoping to get
* I have my pc back and running
* We got an unexpected cheque in the mail yesterday

I am sure there is more but I have to go scrub the ceiling (berry juice stains), work on my e-courses, do lots of laundry (berry juice soaked towels), get the next load of dishes going, mop the floors, make/prepare dinner, sneeze a few times while the kids are quiet and contained for a few minutes!

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