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Introducing - Pebbles & Bam Bam

I would like to formally welcome Pebbles and BamBam into our family. They are a pair of eastern blue tongue skinks. (Pebbles on the left and Bam Bam on the right)

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

I guess I chose to blog because here I am writing a post. I have been slack, in blogging. I just don't seem to find the words to write here yet I see heaps of things throughout the day which I could write about.


  • The tantrum Erin threw when it came time to leave and take the cleaner to the train station
  • The tantrum she threw (continued of from before) when getting into the car.
  • How we had a little talk and things seem to be better now
  • The circus we saw on Sunday and how hubby organised a playdate with some of the kids there
  • How the eCourse is going. A struggle at times and easy at other times.
  • I am getting Blue Tongues
  • How I rang up heaps of pet stores to find a light and the cheapest way to get the light I wanted was by ordering it interstate and paying postage
  • We do swimming lessons each monday and I am usually the only parent who stays in the pool with the kids (those not doing the lessons). Though some parents are starting to trickle down to the toddler pool
  • Jadeen has a birthday party coming up (3 months after the actual day)
  • The kids are getting better at their basketball skills and a friend gave us their unused basketball hoop and backboard
  • I am having trouble finding adequate time to do my art homework, undisturbed
  • How the bills pile up when you don't collect your mail for a week
  • How I wish I could take the day off everything and just have time for myself, or better yet, get to sleep in!

When Isn't It Busy?

When I am asleep and then even my dreams are busy!

Last night I had my art class, and I found it hard to concentrate, to draw what I wanted on my main pic, though for some reason I was able to do it on a seperate peice of paper (with detail) so that was no real help to my main pic. I think I will start afresh and on different paper. I am not liking how things are going in the new drawing pad, fortunately it only has 20 pages. I can use it for my roughs. As always, Thursday is a rush day, when things get done that wouldn't get done other days of the week. Thursday I braved the pregnant or lactating women of the supermarket to do our weekly shop, forgot a few things, and wrangled kids.

Basketball was just as busy, running around after a ball crazy baby who wanted to join in the class with her two elder sisters. How come I was the only mother there who had kids that were not content to sit down at their mother's side? I don't mind. I was also the only one playing with the kids and running after them. One little girl said that her mother was 'too over protective' so she couldn't play outside (in full view of the seats).

For Sale

I have come to the conclusion that my dragons are not living in harmony with each other. Well, the males aren't. Being males, this is not a sexist comment, they fight and they have come to maturity. 2 males, 2 girls. It isn't working. So we have had to block off one corner for Big Boy to reside in while he awaits his sale. If he does get sold.

I don't want to end up with expensive vet trips because these boys have fought so much they hurt each other. I knew it was coming, I just didn't know when.

Well, he is for sale. $100(aus) if you are interested, but there is a catch, well a few actually. You need a proper licence, live near me (I am not shipping him) and have the proper set up.

Now it is down to wait and see what happens!

Kilted Pigtails

This is what I gave Mercedes for her 2nd birthday. It was a pink kilt and it was also a trial to see if I could actually make one as hubby wants me to make him one. Unfortunately I completely forgot to press in the pleats but it looks ok, though it slips down since she needs hips to help hold it up. It's still a pretty good first time attempt made with confusing instructions from the internet. I used almost 150cm of material (about 5', I think) in making this!

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