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The Happenings Of A Female Dragon

Is she or isn't she? That is the question. And pregnant be the wondering.

3 days ago (Tuesday) she was busy digging ditches and for a while it looked like she was trying to lay eggs. I left her alone until she decided to fill in the trenches. Once she was finished there I took a soft, large paintbrush to the trench area and searched through the sand. Not a thing did I find though. And she is still fat and lumpy, and now has decided not to partake of her favourite food, crickets. In no way does she look sick or act sick. Just maybe she is having a late in the year pregnancy. And it is quite possible since her tank is climate controlled and she doesn't have the natural weather to go by.

I still think she may be pregnant and I have a homemade incubator ready to go should she actually lay anything. If she does lay, then we will change our summer temp to autumn temp in the tank and get them ready for some quiet time before the next breeding season starts up again.
I should hopefully know something in the next few days!

How To Make Your Heart Beat Faster

Take laundry off the clothesline wondering if the tiger snake is still around in the rock wall about 4 feet behind you. BTW for those who don't know, a tiger snake is one of the most venemous snakes in the world!

Follow Up - What Type Of Snake Is This?

I have been informed that the snake in the picture is most likely a tiger snake! I just hope it has not found a home in our wall, though, the more I read the less I think it is actually making a home here and that it has just been chased out of it's natural habitat by development.
Tiger snakes (from what I read) prefer places with large bodies of water like swamps, creeks, ponds, etc. They eat frogs, mice and rats, which also would have been flushed out by the devlopment of the bush near our place. The bush also had it's own little ponds, slow flowing creeks etc.

These snakes, are one of the most venemous snakes in the world!!! I just hope it was hunting and not a female which was looking for a place to birth her young. These snakes average on 30 babies at a time and there have been cases of up to 110 babies being born!
Ok, this is all a bit scary, and since I saw it near the clothesline (which is currently full of clothes waiting to come in) I may just wear my heavy leather boots.

There is no way I want to get bitten by one of these snakes, nor have one of the kids bitten!


Black & White Skin

Due to my art class and the fact we are currently working on muscles and how to draw/shade them properly, I went searching for some body building books as they usually have the best pics for muscle definition. And I need those types of books. I couldn't find any bodybuilding books so i turned to exercise books. I searched through the various exercise books for good pics which may help my muscle drawing. I came across one book with good pics in it. Upon closer inspection of the book, at home, I am sure it is a great exercise book, and would be better if it didn't contain all those pics of buff nake men. Well, you don't see anything at all and it has great muscle definition pics, but it has too many pics of guys in jocks, boxers or naked (being artistic so nothing is shown) to be a true exercise book. Yje pics rather took away from the writing in the book.

I had to laugh at it, and the emails my hubby has sent around his current clients.

Him : My wife (and the rest of her art class) are looking for a bloke (or girl) who spends a lot of time at the gym (not me) who has a buff torso and arms and shoulders. Great muscle definition required. If this is you and you want to be ogled by woman - I mean drawn in an art class - then please let me know.

A Response : If they were after a Butt and great legs, I would put my hand up - but I still lack upper body strength :(


Him to Me : what do you reckon?
he's a skinny little cyclist
I haven't looked closely enough at his butt to see!


My Response : haha

This, That & The Other

Things have been good lately. Despite having a bug work it's way through the tree elder kids, things have been ok, and busy as they are now that all activities are in full swing.

Art Class - That is going well and we have been working on shading and how to define body shape without line. I am happy with how my work is going, now if only I could get the time to sit and concentrate on it for a good length of time, without interruptions

Miranda - She is going well in her work and can work pretty well without me looking over her shoulder or reminding her every 5 minutes to keep on working. I find she works best with short goals (small amount of pages) over all of her subjects, unless it is a subject that she really enjoys.

Jade - Slowly but surely and sometimes frustrating. Sometimes it takes her days to complete the schoolwork that was set for one day. Other times she completes it all in a few short hours, or less! She is very active and has trouble sitting still. I tried the suggestions for kinsthetic learners and that worked for a bit until she decided that it was only annoying her. I will keep looking for more ideas I guess. She is doing really well in her basketball and swimming also. She has just been put up into her sisters class for swimming!

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