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I was approached, via email, about adding my site onto a site which lists blogs/online journals, whose content is art related.

The site is - http://arts.onbloglist.com/

Now I better get cracking and produce some more art (at least scan it in so I can put it up!)


First was easter Friday, then came easter Sunday on which my brother-in-law has a birthday and celebrated his 12th wedding anniversary to my sister. Next came easter Monday and hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. 11 years!
I am also celebrating the fact that I have finished, i hope, making his kilt! Pictures to come when he tries it on!

Lucky Escape

My hubby was involved in a motorbike accident on Thursday. Fortunately the only damage to him was a sprained wrist and sore leg. The bike however, that is another story!

Did You Know?

That oil paints are not face paints?

Did you also know?

That oil paints come off faces, when they are still wet, with face cleaner?


That nail polish remover removes oil paints (lightly applied oil paints) from lounge suites.

Art Homework

I have finally gotten around to posting some of my art. Well, one picture of my sketches.

Each week we get set homework and this week I actually found time to do it (forgot about the laundry but am remembering it now). This pic is copied from a photo but the emphasis is on the veins as that was what we were practising in art class last week.
This week we do faces. It should be good!

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