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Forced Nothing

Mercedes was sick today. Well, she had a temp and didn't want to do anything but sleep on or cuddle up to me. I was forced to do nothing for quite a while. She seems to be on the mend now so I can only hope that she goes to sleep soon. It was nice to not be able to do much for a while, and it helped that the elder three were busy playing with a friend, in the front yard.


A black cockatoo mates for life. We used to have a pair in the area. You never saw them very often, and the last time I saw them was around the time that a mini tornado ripped through the area in November last year.

Lately we have seen one flying around the area calling out as it flies. It strikes me as if it is lonely and calling for it's mate. I could be wrong. It's mate could be elsewhere or it may just be an offspring from the pair I saw last year. Still, it is a majestic bird, huge in size and very beautiful.

For Us Aussies

Today it 04-05-06
I wasn't up at 02.03am to record that time in history, but I am sure it happened still with me asleep. Though I could wait till 12.03pm 04-05-06 to record that time in history, cause then it would be 123456
Well, have a good day regardless.

nudie n'ice

I just had a nudie n'ice. It has a cute video which you can see here

Their home page is here if you want to learn more about nudies

Pure Graphite

I really like the way a pure graphite pencil feels in your hands as you are either drawing or writing. There is no wood in this pencil. You can't get anything but quality (well I hope so). It is a really great pencil, and it also comes in a variety of softnesses also (eg: HB, 2B, etc). I currently only have a HB but it is great for drafting pictures, the weight of it making the drawing so much easier to control, or so it seems.
I just drew some great ovals on a painting I am putting together.
Faber-Castell has a great wood free, pure graphite, pencil.

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