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Day 4 - Fruit

E.D.I.M - Every Day In May
Some miscellaneous fruit done in pure graphite HB

Day 3 - Old Lady

Old lady quickly sketched during church. It is no one in particular, just practising skills. Done in 2B lead.

Day 2 - Turtle Clock

E.D.I.M - Every Day In May
This painting is done in a mix of oils and acrylics, with a real working clock in the top right hand corner.

Day 1 - Erin (Yet Again)

My first submission for 'Every Day'

Every Day In May

As if I didn't have enough to do already. I have just signed up for 'Every Day In May'
This means I have to produce a peice of art each day (plus the last 8 days I have missed since I joined late) for the month of May. The art can be a photo, written work, drawing, painting, collage, etc.
Should be fun!

I hope I can do it...


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